SGES Quarterly Submissions Guidelines

We eagerly accept articles related to genealogy and history from both members and non-members, subject to space limitations and minor editing. We prefer articles limited to 10 pages or less.

Please submit a word document, saved in any word software format that can be opened by MS Word (doc, doxc, txt, pgs). Fonts used in the original will be converted to our fonts and styles, and paragraph indents will be standardized. Columns are narrow so bulleted type should be limited. Do not put in line breaks, except for starting new paragraphs.

Because we will index names, please use full names where possible, and make sure it is clear what last names apply to any names in a series or list.

Pictures are encouraged. Please identify the subject and the photographer for proper credit. Please send photos as separate files. If they are also embedded in the document it is not necessary to remove them, but please also send the separate files. Please name the photos with clear identifications, and provide captions if you wish.

Please provide a Title or headline, and the writer’s name should appear below the title. If documents are not cited in the article, a list of sources would be appreciated. Articles on a family or surname will also be filed in our in our library, so attachments may not necessarily be printed in order to save space.

Our publications are copyrighted, but the ownership remains with the submitter, so permission to use can be obtained from either, and the submitter is not limited to his/her use of it.

You may email your articles to any of the Publication Committee:

Liz duClose,
Jon Ferguson,
Mike Lawson,

If you need help in composing your articles, any of the above will be happy to help. Please let us know how we can assist you. We like to have articles from a number of people to give variety to our publications. Thank you for considering submitting yours.