About SGES

Our Mission

Continually add to the genealogical knowledge base of our members; expose the general public to genealogy pursuits; to assist the individual in the compilation of family histories; to record and preserve genealogical records; and to consistently further the interest in accurate genealogical research methods.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 7728
Jacksonville, FL 32238-7728

Library Address

6215 Sauterne Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32210-7728




President: Michael E. Lawson
1st Vice President: Jon R. Ferguson
2nd Vice President: James W. Vearil
Treasurer: David J. Bahn
Recording Secretary: Elizabeth DuClose
Corresponding Secretary: Carol Clay
Historian: Mary Hart Kinsey


Membership: Elizabeth Stoeffler
Policy & Procedures: Richard B. Cardell
Publicity: Aretta Mattox
Editor: Elizabeth DuClose
Webmaster: Amy Larner Giroux